GSC Membership

GSC Membership

Membership Eligibility

Companies engaged in the manufacture of silicones and that are members of one of the regional silicone industry associations (RSIAs) are eligible for membership in the Global Silicones Council (GSC). GSC activities are conducted with the supervision of legal counsel to ensure compliance with antitrust and other statutes that govern the activities of trade associations.

How to Join GSC

For more details on membership qualifications, dues, and benefits, contact us at or fill out the form below.


Membership Benefits

GSC Membership benefits include:

  • Unwavering commitment to protecting member’s ability to produce, innovate, and market silicone materials in the global marketplace
  • Participation in GSC operating, policy, advocacy, and stewardship committees
  • Access to proprietary GSC human health and environmental safety data, stewardship information, and communications materials
  • Opportunity to impact global regulatory and policy environment for silicone materials
  • Partnership with silicone industry organizations with similar business, regulatory, sustainability, and policy interests