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Japan Siloxane Evaluations

In December 2017, the Japan Chemical Substances Review Committee conducted a review on the classification of D4, D5, and D6 following the conclusion from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) that D4, D5, and D6 meet the current criteria for Persistent and Bioaccumulative (PB) substances in Japan.

The Chemical Substances Review Committee concluded that D4 and D6 should be added to the Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) “monitoring chemicals” category as additional data are required to complete the assessment. Substances are included in this category if they are determined to be “persistent” and “bio-accumulative,” but there are no restrictions on their use. No change was recommended for D5. Based on safety data, the committee concluded there is not a concern for D5 for human health or the environment. D5 will continue to be managed under the CSCL General Chemical category.